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Cut-Resistant gloves DM60810

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Cut-Resistant Gloves

Item NO.:DM60810
Description´╝ÜWhite 13Gauge Polyethylene Fiber knitting cut-resistant glove,Palm and finger with white PU coating
Feature:The high performance cut-resistant glove is made of high Tenacity high modulus PE fiber and Spandex fiber,PU coating in palm and finger of seamless knitting lining,with characters such as anti-cutting,anti-stab,anti-tearing,as well as anti-abrasion.the glove wears soft and flexible,and is widely used in the fields of metallurgy,panel beating,bodywork,assembly of white goods,and canning factory,especially in automobile industry,machinery industry,construction projects and railway sectors for purpose of labor protection.
In accordance with EC Council Directive 89/686/EEC technical standard,Level II of anti-stab,level III of anti-cutting,level IV of anti-tearing,level IV of anti-abrasion.

Electronics assembly
Computer assembly
Automotive assembly
Small parts handling
Quality checking


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